Here's what people are saying.

"Kristyne is a patient and understanding coach. Really appreciate her ability to relate the material to our respective situations and how to best implement into our lives."

- Ward Kemp

I've had the chance to participate in several resilience classes with Coach Kristyne. When it comes to overcoming obstacles and dealing with adversity, she has been a fantastic coach and mentor to me.

— J Graham

"LightPeak coaching provides superb and useful tools to manage challenges. Very helpful."

— John Maraia

Client Testimonials: How Coaching Changed Lives

How did you change?

“I gained knowledge and confidence thru the program but also gained a better perspective in taking care of oneself so you can also help others.”

“I am a little more outgoing.”

“I'm more inclined to use the breathing techniques to navigate increased stress.”

“I decided to get sober again. I no longer want to end my life. I am more invested in life, family, and friends.”

“I am putting myself out there more”

“My personal goal was to get back into shape. I’ve been going to the gym now for 6 weeks and feel great.”

“I feel that I am more confident."

“I’m much happier, and my family noticed.”

“My anxiety is a little more manageable and I have become a bit more confident in myself again.”

“One big change in myself would be the loss of fear in facing my PTS.”

“I have become more open.”

What was your biggest take-away?

"I'm not alone and my feelings matter."

"To help someone else you must first save yourself."

"I can ask for help. I may not want to but it’s there."

"That resilience takes time, strength and help from others. I have become more confident and have learned the skills needed to continue to work on and grow more resilient over time."

"That I’m not alone and that I can handle the different challenges I face."

"I learned two good skills for dealing with my sleep issue and my road rage problem. The exercises were always good learning experiences. They helped me focus on issues and I was able to see how others deal with similar issues. I made good progress."

"That I can use Resilience daily."

"Breathing techniques."

"That I can overcome fear and obstacles with the help of others."

"I'm not alone with PTSD. And it is nice to reconnect and hear others on how they overcome their struggles."

"Mindfulness and breathing."

"An ongoing connection and support group with people I met thru the program."

"Realizing when I need help, asking for that help, and being readily available when someone needs help from me!"

"The improvement in myself to manage anxiety."